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THE SIN OF ONAN: Genesis 38:9-10;

The common interpretation of this passage, is that Onan's sin
consists only in his selfish intent to deny offspring to his brothers widow
Tamar and has nothing to do with the unusual method he
employed in doing so.

The classical Jewish commentators - certainly saw in this passage of
Scripture a condemnation of both, [his resistance to God's command
and] unnatural intercourse.

A typical Jewish commentary puts it thus: "[Onan] misused the organs
God gave him for propagating the race to unnaturally satisfy his own
lust, and he was therefore deserving of death." (Berehis: Genesis
[Brooklyn: Mesorah, 1980]. 5:1677).

The proper interpretation can be found in: [Deut. 25:10] The penalty
subsequently laid down in the law of Moses for a refusal to comply with
the levirate marriage precept is only a relatively mild public humiliation in
the form of a brief ceremony of indignation.

In [Lev. 18:22, 20:13] we see that the penalty for the improper use of
the sexual organs is death!
The penalty is death - to have sex only for lustful reasons - the penalty
is death.
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