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When Catholics receive Communion at Mass, isn't that cannibalism?
Because, by their own admission they are eating the Body & drinking the Blood
of Jesus.

First let's define the word, cannibalism in the sense that we mean it here:
The practice of killing another human and eating the flesh for your own

Jesus is God, and God, of course, is Supernatural.
When a human eats or consumes another human that happens in the Natural
When we consume the God-Man...Jesus, that happens in the Supernatural Order.
It is not the same. Technically speaking it could not be cannibalism. It doesn't
fit the definition.

Note: Many humans do consume other humans!

This cannibalism goes on through vaccines.
Most vaccines are developed from tissue of aborted babies.
For more information on this subject:
Children of God for Life

If we, as humans, take "tissue" from another human...killing that human in the
process... repackage it and then inject it into our bodies for our existence, we
are the cannibals!

This goes along with Stem Cell research from aborted babies!
If we kill babies in order to consume their tissue so that we might live... we are
the cannibals!
For information on Stem Cells, see my Pro-Life Site:
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