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Unity of Christians
1.   As Christians shy away from the Cross, they lose
their sense of suffering
and sin.
2.   It is not possible to live in this life and not have suffering. As St. Catherine of
Sienna said, "The issue is not whether to suffer or not  to suffer, but whether to
suffer with Christ or to suffer in isolation & loneliness."

3.   As we think, so we act, and then there is a great deal of wrong thinking.

4.   There is no surer sign that one is growing away from the mind and Spirit of
Christ then to grow away from the Cross in one's philosophy of life. Conversely, it
is overwhelmingly evident that the closer one draws to the mind and Spirit of
Christ, the more one's thought and action are shot through with the wisdom of

Some of life's circumstances and events are joyful. Other events and
circumstances are sorrowful. God wills both. The difficulty is the attitude that should
be maintained when His present, evident Will involves the acceptance of the Cross.

The preceding are some conference notes , unfortunately I don't know who the
speaker was. But I do know that the words were inspired by God's Holy Spirit.
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