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(Added Apocrypha To Scripture?)
The problem, of course, is that Catholics have seven more books in their bibles than
Protestants do.
Since the Catholic Church existed from the time of Christ. And the Protestant
Reformation took place in the 16 th Century, it would be unlikely that the Catholic Church
added anything to the bible!

The list of the books of the Bible were first officially put together at the Council of Hippo in
the year 393 AD. They were then reaffirmed in the Council of Carthage in 397 and again
by Pope Innocent I in 405.  In 1546 the Council of Trent solemnly defined and declared
these books to
be correct.

(This Rock) June '98, p.25,  "Although only [the Council of]
Trent used the words "canon" and canonical", its list was identical with every list that the
Church had provided since the late A. D. 300's."

This is the same Church that Christ promised to build on St. Peter in Matthew 16:18 - it is
the Catholic Church (see "Who Built Your Church").
The Catholic Church existed for many years before the Bible was ever put together.
It was the Catholic Church who made the Bible, she selected books of the New Testament,
and she preserved it. She handed it down through the years.
That is historical fact!

The Bible as it stands today: we find it is composed of 73 separate books, 46 in the Old
Testament, and 27 in the New Testament.

The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament was, for the most part,
with the exception of Matthew, originally written in Greek, Matthew was originally written in
Aramaic then translated to Greek. After the "Dispersion of the Jews", when the Jews were
scattered throughout the civilized world, many of the younger Jews ceased to be familiar
with Hebrew, rather they spoke the Greek language. The language of trade and commerce.
The Jewish authorities decided to make a Greek translation of their Scriptures. Which
would be our Old Testament.

Hence arose that translation of the Hebrew Old Testament into Greek known as the
Septuagint. This word in Latin means 70 and is so named because [it is the work of 70
translators], who performed their task at Alexandria. Begun about 280 or 250 years before
Christ. It was the version used by Our Lord, His Apostles, and thereby the early Christians.

"For the Old Testament, Protestants follow the Jewish Canon; they have only the Old
Testament books that are in the Hebrew Bible. Catholics have, in addition, seven
"deuterocanonical" books of the Old Testament, which are also in the Greek Bible (the

(ME) When the early Church was gathering Scriptures for the "canon" or "list of books" for
the Bible, they commonly used books that are now not in the Scriptures used by the Jews.
One reason for this is that the Jews wanted Christianity to disappear, we were unwanted
sons & daughters.
Remember the Pharisees and the Sadducees that had a hand in killing Jesus were still on
the loose! So, at the Council of Jamnia in 95 AD the Jews "ratified" their "canon" of
Scripture. They purposely left out some books that were in use at the time by the early
Church, they
accomplished this by choosing the Hebrew version over the Greek version (Septuagint).

Along comes Martin Luther approximately 1500 years later and he does the same thing
that they did choosing the Hebrew version over the Greek version used by Christ and the
early Church!
CONCLUSION; As to the question of,; "How many Books should be in the Bible?"
The answer would be (subtraction) that the Protestants removed 7 books of the bible!

For detailed information on the Canon of The New Testament.

Jesus used The Septuagint
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