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For the stability and prosperity of everyone's house,
the king's house had to function well, and it was in
this point that the role of the Queen-mother
proved essential.
{TDM = the Dictionary of Mary}, Catholic Book Publishing Co.
Think about this for a moment: Solomon had 400 wives and 300 concubines, he did this
to solidify the loyalty of the countries surrounding his kingdom, it was a political maneuver
common to his time. If he wanted to put one of his wives on a throne next to him; if he
wanted advice he could trust completely; if he would make himself vulnerable to anyone of
those wives... which one would he choose? Put yourself in his awkward position for a
moment. Each one of those women would be considered a potential enemy because they
represent a country who would like nothing better than to take control of everything he
had.  Even if the wife didn't care about political matters, there was always common
jealousy, because he chose one wife over another! Stuck between a rock and a hard

This is where the "Gebirah" or Queen-mother comes in. {TDM} As mother, she is a
principle of stability. Often her son owes her his throne, which she has obtained for him
through her political sense and astuteness. Often, too, she acts as the king's Regent.
She understands the king and can say things to him which no one else could say. And the
king can listen to her without misgivings since she has no interest except in him.

When Catholics call Mary "Queen of Heaven" we offend "some". Because they mistakenly
believe that we are taking away from the authority of Jesus and giving this place of honor
meant only for God to the Blessed Mother. They think that we are saying, just as Jesus is
the "King" of heaven - Mary(as His equal) is the "Queen of heaven"!

The Blessed Mother and Jesus are never equal!

As Catholics we believe that Mary cooperated with Jesus in the Redemption of mankind,
but she is not His equal. Just as a man and a woman, (Adam and Eve), cooperated in
leading the world to perdition, so the man-God, (the new Adam) Jesus, and a woman, (the
new Eve) Mary, cooperated with their full assent to the wishes of God in bringing
Salvation to mankind! Remember, the New Covenant (Testament), is a fulfillment of the
Old Covenant (Testament). July/Aug '97, "Mission to Mission to Catholics", by Peter

Gebirah was the mother of the Davidic King throughout the Israelite monarchy. Whenever
there was a king, the throne at his (right), [1 Kings 2:19] side and a magnificent crown
were reserved for his mother, who served in a position of authority and great intercessory
power for the people.
For more read: 1 Kings 2:12-21, Jer. 13:18,1 Kings 15:30, 2 Kings 11:3.

[ME) In (1 Kings 2:19) we see a prefiguring of the Queen of Heaven! "Then Bathsheba
went to King Solomon to speak to him for Adonijah,
[This prefigures the
intercessory prayer of The Queen of Heaven]
and the King stood up to meet her
and paid her homage. Then he sat down upon his throne, and a throne was provided for
the King's mother, who sat at his right."[TR] The prophets had ample opportunity to
denounce this tradition, but they did nothing of the sort, because the role of the Queen in
no way diminished the majesty of the King. They prophesied of an expected Messiah who
was to restore the Davidic Kingdom and reestablish his throne. [TR] Christ the King's
reign is not an earthly one, but a heavenly one. Thus, the new queen mother intercedes
not in political matters, but in spiritual ones.

Under the New Covenant, in [John 2:1-11] at the "Wedding Feast of Cana" we have the
Blessed Mother's intercession, (which was the first miracle of Jesus), and her admonition;
"do whatever he tells you."

(TDM) =
Dictionary of Mary  
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