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Unity of Christians
Jesus in the Eucharist is like the rays of the sun
transferring His presence to us, we become what we
eat, we are meant to live it, take it out to the world
and become Eucharist to all we meet.
The urgent request of the disciples on the road to Emmaus to "ABIDE WITH US". They
were at a point of change, brokenhearted and Jesus gave them comfort. To ‘Abide' means
people. In these days we live in, troubled times of darkness, people who question our faith,
we realize we can do nothing without God! Nothing less than the risen Jesus will do, life
without Christ is a life of crisis. Our prayer must be, "Jesus  abide with us always"!

Pope Benedict XVI, who said that the presence of God in his word and the presence of
God in the Eucharist should never be separated. Studying the word of God sheds light
and brings us out of darkness.

Fr. John Hampsch described the gathering of believers at Mass or in community as a
network of grace, like burning coals in a brazier, creating a vibrant fire. If you separate
coals, they are easily extinguished, but all together they can ignite others, increasing
prayer, healing, gifts of the Holy Spirit and love of God. God comes down into us
individually and as a group,
As we receive the sacramental presence, it is a time of immersing man with God. Jesus
shares his divine nature as he comes to us and gives us fortitude to deal with life and
strength to deal with temptations, now and in the future. Jesus inhabits his word and also
dwells in the praises of his people. Father quoted St. Augustine who said, "There is only
one thing God does not know. How He could possibly give us a gift greater than himself."

A materialistic person cannot understand the Eucharistic language. We all partake of one
bread and as the bread of life, Jesus comes inside us, takes my wrong and his right and
works all things for good. When we turn our faces to Jesus, our shadow is behind us, the
darkness cannot overshadow us, but when we turn our back on Jesus, the shadow is in
front of us, the evil, sickness, crime, are before us and we can't see the truth.

Eucharist is the medicine of immortality-divine blood transfusion. St Ephrem said "One
particle from the Eucharistic bread is able to sanctify thousands." Receiving daily Eucharist
brings a daily attitude of gratitude, which leads to beatitude of becoming more open to
grace and inspiration. Come Lord Jesus!

The closing Mass at the
Annual Orlando Diocese Catholic Charismatic Conference was
celebrated by Fr. Hampsch who encouraged us to receive Eucharist with love for all, which
will increase the blessings as we receive. Pope Paul VI said the Mass is the most perfect
form of prayer, and that Mass without communion is like a ring without a diamond.

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