explain the catholic faith
"the Church which received the office of safeguarding the deposit of faith along
with the apostolic duty of teaching, likewise possesses the right and duty of
proscribing [...] opinions that are known to be opposed to the doctrine of faith"
(Vatican I, Dei Fillius, chapter 4).
Jesus = God
The Trinity
I found the following idea on the Internet. "Anti-Catholic Bingo"
Since I had most of the answers already I thought that I would use the idea here.
It is an "anti-Catholic" idea, so the "subject" is posed from that point of view.
I assure you all the answers are Catholic.
I'm saved (Eph 2:5–8), being saved (1Cor 1:8), and hope I'll be saved (1Cor 3:12–15). I'm
working out my salvation in fear (Phil 2:12), with hopeful confidence in Christ (Rom 5:2).
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